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Divorce & Separation - Fixed Fee Solicitors

The end of a relationship or a break-up of a marriage can be a difficult time for all parties involved. Naturally, you will be concerned about your current financial and property arrangements and how it will affect any children you may have.

At the offset, choosing the right Solicitor to meet your needs is a difficult task. However daunting it may seem, we would recommend that you do seek professional advice as soon as is practical.

At Thompson and Jackson we are able to represent you in Divorce Proceedings for a fixed fee. The plan includes all steps from your initial instructions through to the Decree Absolute in Divorce cases or the Decree in Judicial Separations.

What will you pay?

If you are divorcing someone

Our total fee to represent you in a straightforward non-contested divorce is £1,313.00. For your convenience, we have set out below what is included in the total fee as follows:

Our Fees excluding VAT£600.00
Court Fee on filing Petition£593.00

What work is covered?

Our fixed fee covers all the work required to conclude a non-contested Petition for Divorce. That includes a meeting with a Solicitor, the preparation of your Petition for Divorce and all other documents needed, correspondence with the Court and your ex-partner and completion of all documents to achieve the Decree Absolute that finalises your case.

Before your first meeting with one of our Solicitors, we will ask you to complete our Instruction Sheet that contains most of the information that is needed to prepare your case. The document will also provide sufficient information to us to give you proper advice at your first meeting.

If your case becomes more complex, for example your ex-partner defends the proceedings or files a Cross-Petition (seeking a Cross-Divorce against you), we may have to charge more for the extra work incurred. If that happens we will notify you as soon as practicable and before any additional costs are incurred. We will provide you with a revised estimate of our fees and detail the work that is likely to be needed.

In the event that your ex-partner fails to acknowledge receipt of your Divorce upon being served with the Court papers, it is possible that you will incur a further cost by way of appointing an Enquiry Agent/Private Detective to serve a further copy of the papers by hand upon them. If such an event occurs, we will provide you with clear advice concerning our increase of costs and the fees of the Enquiry Agent.

What work is not covered?

  • Advice and proceedings concerning property, finances and children.
  • The fee for obtaining a Marriage Certificate (currently £7.50)
  • An Enquiry Agent/Private Detective’s fees in the event your partner does not acknowledge service of your Divorce Petition.
  • Any work that is necessary if your Petition for Divorce becomes defended or needs to be altered (amended once it has been issued by the Court).

If someone is divorcing you:-

If you are the Respondent in a divorce (i.e your partner is initiating divorce proceedings) and where the divorce is not contested by you (undefended). Thompson and Jackson offer a fixed fee of £400, to represent you throughout the divorce to a conclusion. This figure includes VAT and you will not have to pay Court Fees unless your partner is seeking a Cost Order against you.

Our Fee£400.00

Please note, it is possible that you will incur further sums known as disbursements that will amount to no more than £20. and will only become necessary in specific circumstances, in particular the need to obtain a copy of your Marriage Certificate and to swear your Affidavit in support of your Petition in the event you are unable to access a local Court.

Contact Us

For all enquiries concerning our Fixed Fee Arrangement please contact Jonathan Petch on telephone number 01752 665037, by fax on 01752 670312 or by email