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Commercial Dispute Resolution Solicitors

The Solicitor in charge of our dispute resolution and civil court work is Lauren Sayer. Lauren is very experienced in contentious and civil court work. 

We know that being involved in disputes or court proceedings can be very stressful and worrying for you. That’s why you need a specialist Solicitor who will listen to, and understand, your problem and explain the options available to you. We aim to identify the result you wish to achieve, your chances of achieving it and the potential costs as soon as possible and provide expert, practical and honest advice throughout.

We understand that you are likely to want a quick, cost effective and successful outcome. We are experienced in negotiation and mediation as well as litigation and can often resolve a dispute without the expense and delay of court proceedings.

However, we recognise that court proceedings can be expensive and that you need the best possible advice on the ways that may be available to pay for your case. We accept cases funded by legal expenses insurance and always take great care to discuss costs and the likely financial implications with you.

We are able to assist businesses and private clients in most types of disputes and claims including:

  1. Property disputes such as those about ownership or between joint owners or those relating to boundaries, rights of way or restrictive covenants.
  2. Disputes about Wills, Estates, Trusts and Inheritance. Click here for more about this.
  3. Business partnership disputes.
  4. Professional negligence claims.
  5. Claims relating to breaches or enforcement of contracts.
  6. Landlord and tenant disputes and proceedings to exercise your right to renew a business lease.