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Preparation of Leases & Tenancy Agreements

This is a specialist field of law and needs a specialist lawyer!

If for example you are considering converting a property into flats you will need to create Long Leases containing various rights and obligations required between landlord and tenant, tailored to your specific requirements. The land registry are now very particular on what plans they will accept accompanying the Lease – we can help you every step of the way.

Do you want to retain the freehold? Do you want to set up a management company? How do I obtain mortgages for each flat? Will I be selling each flat or letting them?

If you wish to let these – or any other – flats that you own it is imperative you enter into a properly prepared Tenancy Agreement with the tenant. If an agreement is set up incorrectly, or if you have not been advised on such matters as tenancy deposit schemes and notice provisions, you could find yourself with an awkward tenant or worse one that is impossible to evict or who successfully makes a financial claim against you.

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